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hull cleaning in san diego

clean hull barnacles san diegoUnderwater Hull Cleaning is "serious business" with us at Aquarius Yacht Services in San Diego. We have over twenty years of experience providing hull cleaning, boat bottom cleaning and professional repairs ensuring your yacht or pleasure boat is in first rate shape for years of enjoyment. Call 619-222-4147 for a fast & friendly quote.

Everything you always wanted to know about hull cleaning, but ...
were afraid to ask!

Why do I need an underwater hull cleaning service?
  The obvious reason is to keep your boat bottom clean.

But why do I need to keep it clean?
  Regularly scheduled underwater hull cleaning is the single most important preventative maintenance service!

  First frequent underwater hull cleaning extends the life of your bottom paint.

  First, by removing the algae slime layer before invertebrate (Hard growth) can attach and dig into the bottom paint.

  Second cleaning the painted surfaces is only part of the job. The diver must also tend to clean the unpainted metal parts of your vessel, primarily the running gear and thru hulls. Proper cleaning of the hull, running gear and thru hulls improves vessel performance and saves fuel costs. Keeping the thru hull intakes clear ensures proper performance of the various systems inside the vessel, engine, generator, head, air conditioner, refrigerator and galley.

  Third, another extremely important service provided by the underwater hull cleaning diver is tending to and replacing the sacrificial anodes (Zinc). The diver must inspect, tighten and periodically replace the various zinc anodes which protect the different metal parts of the vessel from galvanic corrosion (electrolysis).

  Fourth, during the hull cleaning process the diver inspects the hull and hardware as he cleans it for impact damages and electrolysis. He also monitors the fiberglass hull for osmotic blistering, the wood hull for worm damages and the steel or aluminum hull for electrolysis.

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Scrubbing a boat down is not a job for just any diver or the inexperienced. Our hull cleaning service at Aquarius Yacht is administered precisley so as not to damage the finish or protective coating on your boat. A poor cleaning job can do more damage than good by removing paint and exposing the boat’s coating, therefore don't trust this critical maintenance process to anyone but the best. If you’re having your boat’s underside inspected you’ll want long time professionals who are able to quickly identify areas that need attention and help with any necessary repairs. Therefore put your trust in the experts at Aquarius Yacht Services as yacht enthusiasts have done since 1989!

Call us today at 619-222-4147 for a quick, personalized quote.

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